Friday, November 8, 2013

twilight zone.

last night I took a trip to the twilight zone and today I am thankful I for the blog world because I can talk about it.  thank goodness my blog's name is shameless.
anyways, J-Hud and I decided to go try out a new sports bar and grill that just opened.  we got there, chose a seat at a really long bar and talked about what a great space it was- very industrial which is right up my alley.  after about thirty minutes of talking, I realize we are sitting right next to one of my ex's brothers.  I didn't think much about it and didn't say hi since this was an ex from high school and that is ancient history.  plus, I have this theory that a high school ex shouldn't even count because we all know our hormones were making decisions for us then.  you didn't make questionable decisions in high school?  just me?  ok.  moving on.
we continued watching the games that were on and then the worst thing about living in the town you grew up in happened- my shouldn't even count ex walked in.  this not ex was my first long term boyfriend and not to ruin the surprise but it didn't work out and we went our separate ways tried our best to avoid each other at our small high school.  we literally never spoke again after the break up phone call. 
fast forward eight years and here we are sitting side by side at a sports bar and grill.  I wasn't dressed cute and hadn't washed my hair in days so this was bound to be a really great "OMG haven't seen you in look great homeless"  I politely said my normal, "hi, how are you?!" and then carried on with conversation with J-Hud.  a few minutes later I went to the restroom and when I walked towards our table I saw my husband + shouldn't count ex catching up on their old church camp days. 
so I channeled my inner-miley and came in like a wrecking ball.  just kidding- that's I lie, I just wanted to say that.  what really happened is I walked over to the table and we proceeded to hang out with not ex for the next two hours.  it wasn't as awful as I thought it would be and I survived to tell blog about it.  and now that I have written it out, I'm not even sure if this is a story good enough to blog about. 
"I guess you had to be there."

Thursday, November 7, 2013

pioneer woman fail.

last night I ate dinner with a friend while my husband went an indulged on homemade stew made by my momma.  I don't like stew and I don't cook things I don't like so the only time J-Hud gets stew is when my mom makes it.  anyways, after dinner with my friend I decided I needed dessert so I decided to make these beauties.
Pioneer Woman Cookies
the recipe seemed pretty simple so I decided I could probably get these whipped up before my husband got home and look like a domestic goddess.  when it came time to take them out of the oven, I was pretty pleased with myself because they looked how they were supposed to so I popped the little candies in the middle and then took a picture of my masterpiece to show my friends. (ignore the horrible quality, I didn't plan on this being a blogworthy topic)
see!  they look like the picture for the most part.  anyways, J-Hud got home and was obviously pleased with my work and the cookies had cooled and Reece's had melted at this point so then it came time to pop them out of the pan and enjoy.  this shouldn't have been too difficult because I was a good little Pioneer Woman and I sprayed my pan before.  WRONG.  these little beauties did not come out of the pan perfect for me to put on a cute little stand.  they did taste good but we had to eat them from the mini-muffin pan with a spoon.  since we are fat kids, we were not above eating them with a spoon and enjoyed them.  BUT- I had planned on using Pioneer Woman's Thanksgiving Turkey recipe for my very first time to cook the Thanksgiving turkey and now I'm all stressed out she will fail me again.  I even tweeted at her to make sure I bought the exact right ingredient. (apparently she has more important things than my Thanksgiving turkey because she never responded)
the best part of the night was when I had about 10 little min Reece's left over and I thought to myself, "I will save those little treasures for tomorrow night because I already feel too guilty about eating cookies with a spoon tonight."  I put them far back on the kitchen counter so our dog wouldn't get into them and went to bed.  foreshadowing- this was a fail too.  remember that precious little 80 lb lab puppy we have?  she decided that while we were getting ready for work this morning that she needed a little peanut butter treat for breakfast this morning because dog food is so not the rage anymore.  since she is human sized, she was able to somehow help herself to about 7 of them before we caught her.  I guess her doggy paws wouldn't unwrap the wrappers because we didn't find any.  so instead of ten of these little gems, I only have three now and my dog will be pooping gold foil for days.  
I bet the Pioneer Woman's dog doesn't eat all her left over candies.