Thursday, October 31, 2013

happy halloween!

well, hi!
remember that time I promised I would blog more when I finally got a real blog design?  well that day has come and I could not be more excited!  I have the fabulous Erin to thank for how perfect things look.  anyways, I have a lot in store for November and can't wait to attempt to be a "real blogger"- but for now I leave you with a little Halloween greeting from my little 7 month old self (ignore the fact that my daddy clearly dressed me that day- I promise I am not a boy)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

the best lipstick ever.

i remember spending time with my grandmother when i was growing up and i would beg to wear her lipstick.  she would allow me to put a little on before she took me to swim lessons and i think that's where my love for lipstick was born.  although lipstick wasn't a part of my regular makeup regimen until about a year ago, i now i feel naked when i'm out with friends with no lipstick.  while we were at my bachelorette party, my best friend-makeup artist-maid of honor introduced me to stila's stay all day liquid lipstick.  y'all, im the first one to call bullshhhh..(hi grandma!) on products that last "all day"- but this product is practically permanent.  i'm talking- tailgated all day and went out on the town that night then woke up the next day and it was still there.  so blogland, meet the lipstick of your dreams!

i currently own two shades, but am definitely going to purchase a few more shades next time i am at ulta!  the one pictured is fiore (bright pink) and i also own beso (bright red-perfect for Texas Tech gameday!)

i usually wear these lipsticks with a lipliner because they can tend to feather without one.  when you apply it, the applicator is similar to a normal lip gloss applicator and can be messy.  to avoid this, i wipe the applicator off really well on the sides of the top of the tube (does this make sense?) before applying.  i also try to have a couple of q-tips handy with one end wet and one end dry.  if i happen to get outside the lines of my lipliner, i take the wet end and wipe the mistake off while following immediately after with the dry end.  i should also mention that this lip color is not moisturizing and very matte.  i don't have a problem with dry lips, but if you do i would recommend either moisturizing for about thirty minutes before applying with a chapstick then applying or using a chapstick after the liquid lipstick has dried.  anytime i have tried to put on chapstick right before applying, it didn't go on well.

do you have a favorite lipstick?  i love growing my lipstick collection and am always up for recommendations!


*excuse my horrible iphone pictures- I have a big fancy camera but keep forgetting to charge it!  i plan on whipping it out this weekend!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

things i learned from orange is the new black.

my husband and i did the worst thing for our productivity known to mankind- we resubscribed to netflix.  i guess we have been living under a rock and never knew our nintendo wii could wirelessly hook up to our internet.  after some friends told us how to do it, we ran home like five year olds and hooked ours up with the intentions of me getting on the "breaking bad" bandwagon.  my husband was obsessed with the show and i was sick of not knowing what was going on- but instead we watched the entire first season of "orange is the new black."

when we first started watching this, i can honestly say i really didn't know what to think.  it's definitely one of the more different shows we have watched and i wouldn't recommend it to anyone who is uncomfortable with nudity and cursing.  it didn't bother us too much except for the occasional comments from my husband asking, "is this a porno?" and me swearing several friends had recommended it.  after the first couple of episodes, the nudity wasn't as bad and we started getting familiar with all the characters.  i'm usually not good staying involved in shows with too many characters because my attention span is about as long as our lab puppy's but this show does a really great job of introducing the characters to the viewer and sharing their background/why they are in prison.  another major help was helene's post about how this show is similar to mean girls, and who doesn't like mean girls?

now onto the important life lessons i learned from the show should i ever end up in prison:

never bite the hand that feeds you.  but seriously- don't insult the food especially if you have a head cook like red who will put unspeakable things in your food and/or starve you.  on second thoughts- it could make for a really good diet? 

don't go to prison if you look horrible in orange.  it takes forever for your khaki uniform come in and you wouldn't want to go all elle woods on them.

make sure you can use a maxi pad for any situation prison life may present to you.  this includes shower flip flops and a face mask to block germs.  but, if you want to avoid those creative situations all together- make sure you send your commissary money before you even go to prison to make sure it gets there on time.  because without that money, you can't buy things to trade to get your roots done.  and we all know that's something maxi pads cannot fix.

now that i have probably forever ruined your desire to go to prison watch "orange is the new black", i need a new show to get addicted to...any recommendations?


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

october goals.

i really cannot believe it's already october.  every thanksgiving day since 2010, i run a 5K race called the turkey trot.  i look forward to it every year and this year, my in laws and husband have committed to joining me for the race.  i am so unbelievably excited to share one of my favorite traditions with them and the fact that it is our first thanksgiving as a married couple makes it that much better!  with that being said, i figure i have about two months to get my 5K time down not look like this.

i really want to improve from last year.  i also have made it a goal to run a half marathon on my birthday (it's march 1st, just in case you want to start searching for the perfect prezzie!) so, most of my october goals are based around fitness- but i figure if i write them down, i'll be more likely to do them right?

  • run at least one mile a day for the whole month of october
  • strength train at least three times a week
  • decrease alcohol intake
  • save money
  • eat at home more
  • eat healthy during the week
  • blog at least 4 times a week

do you write goals down?  i don't usually so this is a first for me- let's hope it works!