Wednesday, February 19, 2014

i'm the kinda girl | weekly wednesday: week 14

...would rather eat out than have to cook
...believes in always being open minded
...never says 'no' to an ice cream craving
...likes a simple life
...buys a million lipsticks but only wears make up twice a month
...prefers dive bars to fancy wine bars
...changes into yoga pants right after work
...(speaking of yoga pants) wears athletic attire regularly, but only works out when my favorite jeans get snug #healthy
...always has a project going or one in mind
...never stops thinking- it takes me at least an hour to fall asleep every night
...doesn't want to think too hard on a Wednesday, so my list ends here- now if only I could have some post work champagne
 and because I want to keep up with my weekly Wednesday:
  • how far along?
    14 weeks.

  • baby is the size of a:

  • total weight gain/loss:
    down 10 lbs.

  • the bump:
    I think there is the tiniest of bumps forming- wondering if the weight gain will be starting soon.

  • symptoms:
    one day of terrible morning sickness- I thought I was done with this!

  • food cravings:
    just salty french fries!

  • anything that makes you sick or queasy?
    all forms of meat and cheese.

  • sleep:
    sleeping like a little baby minus the 3x I get up to pee during the night!

  • what I miss:

  • wedding rings on or off?
    on :)

  • belly button:

  • any names picked out yet?
    still Jack for a boy and undecided on the girl name.

  • gender:
    we will find out at the end of next month!  after weeks of debate, we have chosen to find out.

  • movement:
    can't wait to feel that first little kick!

  • maternity clothes:
    none yet, but I have a feeling the pants will be happening sooner rather than later!

  • labor signs:
    hopefully none of those for a looooong time.

  • best moment of this week:
    we ordered the furniture for the nursery and I am so happy that part is done!

  • what I am excited about/looking forward to:
    BOSTON- one more week!  and an appointment the day before we leave to hear that sweet little heartbeat!
here is a picture of the amazing crib we ordered from restoration hardware!  we also ordered the dresser to match and can't wait for it to get here!


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