Monday, February 3, 2014

we have a problem.

I had all these plans for blogging in the new year and really getting serious and focusing on my blog.  but then, a few things happened along the way to change things. 
let's start with December 4th.  the reason I remember the date so well is because we had laid my great uncle to rest the day before and on this day, two of our friends announced to us that they were pregnant.  one set of our friends texted us the news and the other set took us to dinner that night to tell us.  I really have no idea what I said at that dinner because this was our first time receiving pregnancy news.  what I do remember is having zero appetite and being completely lethargic and my newly pregnant friend questioning me if I was also pregnant.  I chalked it up to being tired from the funeral the day before and the shock of the news I just heard. 
a few weeks went by and my monthly friend still had not made her appearance.  this was completely normal for me and body is usually out of whack more times than it isn't.  but I decided to just take a test to get my husband off my back.  negative.  whew.  I live to see another beer.  so I threw the test back in the box (not sure why I didn't throw it in the trash- I guess I am 16) and went along my merry way.  a few days after that, still nothing.  my husband was gone and I thought, "I have one more test in the box, I will just take it and see what it says."  so I took it, and waited and the next few minutes went something like this-
ok, wait- I thought the control line went the other way.
where are the instructions?
where is that other test?
(grabs other test from box)
wait, why does it have two had one line last time.
whatever. its probably because it's been sitting in a box.
(back to current test)
shit, is that another line coming up?
no, your eyes are just playing games with you- quit being paranoid
omg. that's a plus sign.
then I rushed out and did what any normal human being would, I purchased a digital test and then bought the test that had the weeks estimator.  because it was obviously a more reliable test.  turns out all these tests came back positive and the one I had taken and thought was negative the day before was also positive...I just didn't wait the full 3-5 minutes. 
my husband got home after what seemed like hours and I go, "so uhh..we have a problem" ... he stares at me and responds, "you're pregnant."
so, SURPRISE- the newest addition to our family will be arriving August 2014!  more details to come on the pregnancy so far. 

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