Wednesday, February 5, 2014

weekly wednesday: week 12

I decided tracking my pregnancy weekly would be something for me to look back at when this experience is over.  so if pregnancy posts aren't your jam, I completely understand if you don't read this one!  I plan on taking progress pictures but for now, there isn't much to show and I forgot to take one. 
  • how far along?
    12 weeks.

  • baby is the size of a:

  • total weight gain/loss:
    still down 8 lbs.

  • the bump:
    only a food baby at the end of the day at this point! I try to convince myself it's a baby bump- haha!

  • symptoms:
    still a little tired- so ready for my energy to return!

  • food cravings:
    thai food. ice cream. ya know, the healthy stuff.

  • anything that makes you sick or queasy?
    waiting too long to eat. melted cheese. pizza.

  • sleep:
    sleeping like a little baby!

  • what I miss:

  • wedding rings on or off?
    on :)

  • belly button:

  • any names picked out yet?
    if it's a boy, we are naming him Jack.  if it's a girl, she might come home as "Baby Girl Hudson" because we can't agree on anything!

  • gender:
    not far enough along to know.  J-Hud wants a boy but I have a feeling it's a girl.  we are still undecided if we will find out the gender or wait until baby's arrival.

  • movement:
    can't wait to feel that first little kick!

  • maternity clothes:
    none yet, but I have a feeling the pants will be happening sooner rather than later!

  • labor signs:
    hopefully none of those for a looooong time.

  • best moment of this week:
    finally getting an appetite back.  brainstorming for the nursery and names with our families.

  • what I am excited about/looking forward to:
    so ready for that first little kick and our next appointment so we can hear that sweet heartbeat again.

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